The Bad News

Ok, so the album release is going to be delayed a bit…again. I have decided to use a trusted friend to handle the mixing and mastering of the album for me. And although he is definitely helping me save money (which I am eternally grateful for), it is just going to take me a little longer than anticipated to come up with the funding for the album. So, mid July is definitely not going to happen.

The Good News

The good news is that the quality of the album is about to get a LOT better. Also, I’m going to be producing my own cover albums in the mean time for you to listen too and enjoy. So, I won’t leave you hanging! Nathan Elliot is an accomplished studio engineer and I trust him to really do a great job with this album for me.

How Can You Help?

Buy Tix to my StageIt Shows

I am going to be performing several StageIt shows, which I will charge a small fee for. All of the money from these shows will go right to the album fund. I will update the website and all of my social media with details of these shows as soon as I have them put together. I will be collaborating with other artists for some of the shows, and some will be live footage of actual events I am playing.

Donate To My Kickstarter Account

I am going to create a Kickstarter account for this album, and will be promoting the account at shows as well as on the website. Even $5 helps me immensely, art is expensive. However, I am not willing to sacrifice quality for time. Nathan is already cutting me a great deal on this album, and I want to be respectful of the time and energy he will have to put into the album, and what he already has put into it. I hope you believe in what I am doing and in my music, if so please help support me by donating to the kickstarter account. I surely appreciate it :).

Tell Your Friends and Family and Everyone You Know About My Music!

Maybe you only have $5 to donate, or you have nothing you can donate at the time, that’s ok I still love you. You know what would be incredibly helpful for me though? If you tell everyone you know about my music, get them to my website or show them my songs! Let them know I am trying to fund my first solo album production, without the help of a record label or any other financiers.

Know That I Love You!

I love you all for who you are, for your support and your love. Thank you so much for supporting my music, which is a big part of who I am. I truly pour all I am into my music and your support means the world to me. Thank you again!