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So I’ll just be honest, I almost lost the album two days ago.

Not intentionally, obviously. I had worked for hours and hours on the original for the album, “Merry Christmas, I Love You” and it was around 2am, I thought to myself “I’m just going to make a few more changes and then I’ll get a few hours of sleep before I wake up and work on this some more”. I clicked save, and to my absolute horror, Logic wouldn’t save my project file. No problem, I’ll just restart the program and load the autosave of the song. Only, it wouldn’t load the auto save. When I finally got it to open the file it was blank, no audio files. I felt my heart sink…

I stared at the screen, thinking of some form of curse fitting for the emotions I felt….none came to me. So instead, I decided I was going to go to sleep, and hopefully I could recreate all of the ideas I had poured into the song for hours and hours.

When I woke up I tried again and still nothing. So I opened the back end folders and was able to save all of the actual audio files, apparently the project file was just corrupt but all of the info was still there, I created a new logic project and just copied the files from the old one into the new one, and I had a working song again.

Ian and I had spent hours trying to write and record the trumpet leads for the bridge and ending. And McKaelynn was coming over to record her bass that morning at 11….I couldn’t put a whole song together for her to record in that much time so I’m very very relieved that we were able to save the song.

I posted an update, I’ve spent a few hours on the mix, but there are some definite errors to address. Anyway, this gives you an idea of where the album is going. Don’t forget, the album releases this next wednesday, December 10th. You can buy a physical copy from me and the locations I play shows, or you can even order the digital copy right from the website!

Thanks again for your support!


Merry Christmas, I Love You (Updated)