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By Brian Parker

So Shea and I have talked it over and we have decided it is time to bring our board technology into the digital age. That’s why we ordered the Behringer XR18 X Air. This board has 16 xlr inputs plus 17/18 is a quarter inch stereo input. It has 6 aux channels which is more than enough for our monitoring needs. Also it has main left and right channels of course and midi. There is something that this board is missing though. I can’t quite put my finger on it…….. but that’s probably because it doesn’t have sliders or knobs. Well there is one knob for the headphone jack, but that’s it. How do we control the volume then? What about EQ? All digital baby.

Built in Wifi

All sound will now be controlled from an iPad. At first this had me worried. Sure if it dies we just plug it in, but what if it gets forgotten at the house like equipment sometimes does? Well the board not only supports tablets but also smartphones and laptops. So we will always have a device handy to run the board. Other digital boards i have dealt with do not support anything but tablets. This gives us the freedom for each of us to set our own monitor mixes from our phones. Also now that everything will be digital we can mix from anywhere at the venue. This ultimately was the deciding factor. At the moment we have to walk back and forth checking sound levels and then go back to the board to adjust and repeat until it sounds good. Or I have to stand at the back of the room like a third base coach doing hand gestures and yelling over the audience trying to communicate what needs to change. It is inconvenient to say the least. Now we can just take the board with us via iPad and bamĀ  problems solved.

I can’t say how well put together it is or how well it actually works since it has not arrived yet, but I will be doing a full review once it does so check back in a few weeks. I’m gona go wait by the door for it to arrive. See you in a few weeks.

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